Chiropractic Medicine Helped Me Get Better After a Serious Fall

I wanted to find a group of Sacramento chiropractors that I could start seeing on a regular basis as soon as I moved there. I had been having regular chiropractic care for nearly a dozen years, and I did not want to skip a session if I could help it. Even before I found other things like a primary care physician or a dentist, I started looking at chiropractors. It only makes sense because my last chiropractor is the one who showed me that I do not have to live a life of pain.

I was involved in an accident years ago where I fell nearly 20 feet from a balcony. I am just very thankful that I did not die or become paralyzed. As it was, I did have to endure a lot of surgeries and physical therapy. It was not until I started seeing a chiropractor though that I finally started getting the relief that I needed. My days were so unbearable for the most part, but I learned that they did not have to be that way at all. The main problem was my back, because I had twisted it when I hit the ground.

Because of that, I was always in pain until I went to the chiropractor. I had no idea of the relief I could get from chiropractic treatments. They have a lot of tools in their arsenal to help you that your regular doctor probably does not use. Plus, they can do spinal manipulations to relieve nerve pressure. That is where the bulk of my pain was coming from. I did not see how any surgery could help, especially when I was taking an informal poll of all my friends and relatives and coworkers who had back surgery. Not a one of them was the picture of back health even after surgery!

The treatments at my chiropractor helped me to get better. I did my part with controlling my weight and exercising. I did the stretching and being careful not to cause further injury. Over the course of my treatments, I began to feel a whole lot better. I would get immediate relief at every chiropractic visit to a degree. Then it just kept getting better and better. I cannot imagine what shape I would have been in if I did nothing at all. I would be on painkillers and probably unable to do the things I can do now.